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United Nations Office on Drugs & Crime UNODC

Project Title:Training of Police Officials & Prosecutors of Five district of Bihar on Anti-Human Trafficking

           Trafficking, word itself has been explicitly defined literally; trade in something illegal & an innovative effort in eradicating this very brazen violence against humanity. The whole idea is to make our police officials & prosecutors accountable towards this very burning issue & to put a check on wild fire. The count down has begun by starting of trafficking & it is crystal clear, will led our civilization in to the ditch of decline, the need of this hour is to sensitize each & every citizen of India as well as Round the World. The repercussion of it would be felt at each & every steps of a common man, either directly or indirectly.The aspects of trafficking is to create an understanding among the

trainees regarding different types of trafficking, possible places of trafficking, how to check it and most importantly to create basic understanding about trafficking. He had discussed who the victims, syndication of crime are the exploiters. Supported by case studies to sensitize the trainees.

    The main objectives of is to train police officials & prosecutors on today’s burning issue i.e. Traffiking, which explicitly indicates that the tentacles are of multiple & integrated in its nature. A heinous crime against humanity, which speaks the way humanity, is on the rolling side of hill; utmost need is to put a check on it, before it’s too late to act. To armor police officials & prosecutors & chiseled the skills vested with them to execute the responsibility that is being given for the betterment of humanity .The work-shop focused on to make them daring, reciprocative, creative, co-operative and result orientated, idea is to make them use their grey area with reference to the effectiveness of ITPA.

Area coverage – 06 District Police officers (Madhubani, Dharbhanga, Vaisali, East Champaran and Saran, Bhojpur)


Attendees: 800 Police officers from 06 District

Subjects of training:

  1. Law-CSE
  2. Rescue:  One of the significant aspects of the whole idea revolves around rescuing of the victimswithout any slackness. To develop a mutual understanding between police personnel & NGOs, keeping the interest of the victim at first priority.
  3. Post rescue and attention:  The theme is to secure the interest of survivor/victim & ideas to make proper counseling & legal assistance at that point of time of post rescue and attention.
  4. Investigation:  The prima facie of the investigation is to all investigators should have proper knowledge (tools, techniques & skills) about investigation, so the maximum number of traffickers convicted.
  5. Exploitative Labour & Law:  All should have knowledge about strength of the law and the best way of its implementation.
  6. Local Issues: Instead of victimizing the victim, there is a need, not to put all eggs in one basket.
  7. Prevention:  “Prevention is better than cure”, the well known saying in our society, the prime importance of the prevention are to prevent it at grass-root level. The three main pillars are prevention, protection & prosecution.

Prosecution:  To take proper action after conviction and do take care of all the happenings related to the closure and eviction of places of exploitation and best care and attention of victims.

Police training At Arrah and Motihari

A Training programme organized at Arrah for Police officials and Prosecutors on Anti Human Trafficking for the period of 10thFeb.2009 to 15thFeb.2009

This Training programme was inaugurated by District Magistrate of Arrah and supported by Superintendent of Police of Arrah alongwith rural Dy. SP and Town Dy. SP are also presented in the Training Programme.

First two days we organized two batches in different places at Police Line in which 60 (Sixty) numbers of IOS and Prosecutors participated in the training programme. Among 60 participants there are 03 Dy.SP, one Major Sergeant and one Sergeant were participated.

In second two days we organized one batch with 32 (Thirty Two) numbers of participants in which IOS and Prosecutors were participated.

In third two days we organized one batch with 30(Thirty) numbers of participants in which IOS and Prosecutors participated.

In this Training Programme we discussed/shared on following topics:

  • Concept of trafficking
  • Law-CSE
  • Rescue
  • Post Rescue & Attention
  • Investigation
  • Exploitative Labor & Law
  • Local issues
  • Prevention
  • Prosecution
  • Planning of future course of action

National Human Rights Commisssion –

 A national level action research study on trafficking in women and children has been commissioned by the National Human Rights Commission and for the state of Bihar this research work was entrusted to SAKHI.

  • Eighteen(18) districts have been covered during the study.
  • Major trafficking point- East & West champaran,Sitamarhi,Madhubani, Kishanganj,Gaya, Chapra, Siwan and Araria.
  • Major transit point – Muzaffarpur,Patna, Gaya, Munger, Katihar, Sasaram, Arwal and Purnia.

The organization successfully completed the research study and brought into light the ground realities of trafficking in Bihar which further helped in establisihing a roadmap towards combatting the issue.

Short Stay Home – Women & child Development Corporation

The organization ran a Short Stay Home in Motihari under Women and child Development Corporation, Bihar government. This short stay home was run for the victims of Trafficking, and violence in the district. This program provided a safe space to the victims and supported them with food, shelter, clothing, counselling, medical assistance, vocational trainings and empowerment opportunities. The short stay home accommodated approx. 50 girls at a time and as their mental and emotional health gradually improved and they were ready to unite with their families, they were sent home with the help of the district administration and police authorities involved. The families were also counselled regarding how best they could provide for their girl by providing that extra mental and emotional support without discriminating at any level or under any perception or stigma or taboo.

SAMBHAL supported by UNICEF

This programme was started at 27 villages of Sonbasa and patharghat block in Saharsa post diaster when the communities especially children becomes vulnerable and prone to all sorts of crime.

Sakhi worked on following 4 objectives:

  1. Prevention of Child trafficking

Under this project Sakhi develop a plan under guidance of UNICEF to protection and prevention of child trafficking.

  1. Psycho social Support

When flood water came down , people return back in routine life. But as far as children are concern they did not return in routine life and as a result they are fall in psychological distress. To avoid this Sakhi gave psycho social support to them.

  1. Prevention of Child Abuse

Sakhi worked on those areas where child abuse cases are lodged in large scale.

  1. Family Tracing and Reunification.

Under this objective Sakhi traced those women esp. Children who are misplaced in Kosi Flood Disaster. Sakhi reunified them with their families.


This project aimed at targeting the children who were felt vulnerable post disaster in the areas of Madhubani. The objective of the project was to spread awareness regarding the issues of trafficking and its prevention. The community and especially the children were taught how to identify any vulnerable situations around them which might come in any form of known or unknown person who might try to lure them to better life and later push them into flesh industry. The project worked through building knowledge and confidence of the children in standing strong and aware around their environment and seek out help in case of any perceived threat.