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Sonia Devi


She is belongs to Usrar village in Andhrathari Block. She  participated in training program of modern fish farming, acts and rights. She has learnt a lot of good qualities of modern fish farming. She has adequate knowledge of cooperative acts and rights. She always organized meeting with the fisherwomen cooperative society in a good manner. She used to go to relevant offices of fish farming activities such as F.F.D.A, Madhubani, A.R. Officer, Jhanjharpur and completed her task with full zeal and enthusiasm. Sonia Devi is herself highly dynamic and enterprising women she came into close contact with fisheries welfare society and struggled a lot for the welfare of the group. At this time she is earning Rs.1.25 Lacs to 1.50 per anum approximately. Her child goes to school daily. She always participates in health awareness activities in her village and convinces the people to be continuous towards health and support immunisation program for the welfare of the society. She is active member of village disaster preparedness committee. She grows fish from pond and selling vegetable into the nearest market. In this process she earns and manages her family comfortably, improving their personal hygiene and using good practices of sanitation method.



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